Deadpool: Spielt Colossus im Film mit?

Deadpool: Spielt Colossus im Film mit?

Nachdem wir ja bereits vor kurzem erste Bewegtbilder von Deadpool sehen durften, gibt es jetzt bereits einige knackige Neuigkeiten zu den Dreharbeiten des Films.

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New photos from the set of Deadpool show a standoff between Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), and a large man in a silver motion capture suit. There are also shots of a silver bust prop, the kind used to give actors something to look at when filming a scene with a character who will be rendered digitally in post-production. […]

This doesn’t exactly confirm that Colossus is in the movie, as they could be motion capturing another character, but going through the trouble of making sure all of the relevant props and suits match Piotr’s silvery skin seems to suggest that it is Colossus.

Die Bilder könnt ihr bei Just Jared anschauen. Deadpool soll am 12. Februar 2016 in die Kinos kommen.

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